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  1. Good Evening. applied: 516 , interview invitation: 11, contract offered: 3 accepted: AG technology focused: Java, Angular (Location: Niedersachsen)
  2. Chief. es war eine Antwort heute morgen. was kann ich tun. "Gerne geben wir dir ein kurzes Feedback, um unsere Entscheidung für dich nachvollziehbar zu machen. Positiv aufgefallen ist uns, dass du bereits über Kenntnisse in verschiedenen Programmiersprachen verfügst und an eigenen Projekten arbeitest. Jedoch denken wir, dass wir als agil arbeitendes Unternehmen, welches sehr stark auf Selbstorganisation setzt und einen großen Wert auf Fehlerkultur legt, nicht zusammenpassen."
  3. http://nrwnachrichten.000webhostapp.com/ Lots of firma asked(job circular) and even two of them sent email that if i have any hobby projects in online. This is all i could develop in last three days. I have tried to implement CSS-grid that's why it took about a day to have some basics idea. any suggestions ? thanks in advance.
  4. Waw. Have you got any interview from them? Where do you live? I live in Köln. Maybe I can help you yeah, few not replies. Check your Inbox.
  5. Ich hab alles Bewerbungen auf Deutsch geschrieben. Kein Mass Bewerbung. Konkrete Firma Website und dann Antrag über Portal oder Offiziell HR Email.
  6. Thanks for your time and also for writing in details. I'm certainly not prepared for even any Entry-level developer position. That's why I'm applying for apprenticeship.
  7. It's going to be 327 now. Probably a record. Already applied to 107
  8. I want to be a professional application developer. Backend frontend. Desktop/Web/Mobile , depends on the Firma. I can't think of myself pursuing any other career. Languages I like: Java, JavaScript Not really interested : Firstly, PHP ( not the trend anymore ? Though Laravel seems to be bonding very well with VueJS in the community. Moreover, So many German developers doesn't like the cms TYPO3 because its obsolete and code maintenance is a nightmare ( source. Reddit). Still lots of shops are using typo3, they are so widely used in Germany that after browsing so many German website
  9. I have trained myself html, css, both advanced level, javascript intermedite level, also made some small meaningful projects. Extremely dedicated to learn the advanced topics, and looking for a ausbildung in the field of application development(anwendungsentwicklung). I have the confidence to write production grade code in six months if under supervision from the beginning. German level B1 (no certificate though), IELTS band 7(English). Already submitted my school certificates to Bundes government office to recognize them. Anyway, the einstellungstest is scaring me. Except for the logical

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