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Wie wuerde ein deutscher Mann reagieren, wenn ich ihn zum Kaffetrinken einlade?

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Guys, I seriously need your help!

I'm from Moscow. Currently looking for a job. I got a call yesterday from a german man (he spoke with me german first, but since I haven't use the language for a few years, I'm not fluent in it anymore), who invited me for an interview.

I do have problems with being on time and I was late for this interview as well :upps

Moreover, I decided not to wear any make up at all, dressed very casual...Frankly, I'm a pretty girl, but this morning I didn't look my best...not even close to it...

For some reason, I expected to see an old, not very attractive guy with a big beer belly..And then HE entered the room..I felt never before in my life so silly all of a sudden. HE is the man of my dreams. lol...if such actually exists.lol. Anyways, I regreted so badly that I was too lazy to make myself look beautiful! I fell for him right away, felt so stressed out coz of me being late, looking not the way I would want an absolutely handsome guy to see me, and coz of his charming smile, amazing eyes and the cutest accent I've ever heard (he is fluent in Russian)...I couldn't even speak properly! I didn't care for the interview itself no longer. I sat there like a dumbo with a retarded smile and completely screwed up the interview. He probably thinks I am a dumbo indeed.. I don't care that I won't get this job, but I do care what he thinks about me..

So I'm sure he gets a lot attention from other russian women, who act more aggresive than I do. Maybe he is tired of it, so I don't want to be another one who'll bother him. Maybe he thinks after the interview I'm retarded. lol. Or maybe he got used already to hot looking russian girls he met in clubs, bars etc. so he didn't really like a casual looking girl with no make-up. I don't know...The thing is that I want to get to know him and that I have his corporate email and his work #. I don't wanna call him, coz I won't be able to speak, but will make only noises (I don't even remember last time when I was as shy as I am right now), moreover, I think it's not the best idea to call him on his work # for a coffee. So I shall mail him...

The question is: Is it appropriate for a German to get invited for a coffee in this situation? My american friends told me I should go for it. It's absolutely normal for them. But I definitely wouldn't bother a russian guy in such situation.. So here I need your "german" opinion)))))

What shall I do with the whole thing? What should I write him in my mail so I keep it a lil formal (not bitchy like 'hey. what's up. lets hook up'), polite but at the same time with a hint that I like him? But more important, I want him to get it streight, that I'm interested in him, but not in the position at the frim.

P.S. I don't mind if u reply in german)


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