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  1. Okay, got tickets for Hamilton without having to use the lottery or the late night queue? On Broadway? And probably some of the original cast members was still on the show? I'm so damn envious, I can't tell you how much that burns. I've never actually been to New York. I was there for a short sleep-over between flights. But I didn't really get to see the city. I essentially saw the airport and the airport hotel. But there will come a time...definitely!
  2. In hindsight I think that Starlight Express is more like a mediocre muscial both song-wise and storytelling-wise. And since Lloyd Webber gave his son enough options to write new songs for the musical, it doesn't even feel as good as it was from the get go with all the original songs in it. So you went to Broadway and saw Phantom? That sounds amazing! Maybe I'll make that kinda trip one day too. For Hamilton, I suppose, but...Broadway! Damn!
  3. Well, it's always a question of taste. And if it doesn't get you that much, that's fine too. I was totally into Starlight Express once (when I was about....11 or something). But yeah, I love the songs that I know from phantom. I totally wanna check that out. As well as Les Mis.
  4. Ich auch. Wobei letzteres eher kleiner.. Aber hey, klein ist ja oft auch "süß" und "niedlich".
  5. *nachgelesen hat* 1. "Neinal hat Stress mit der Bahn" 2. Brüste
  6. Na wenn Ihr hier ausgrenzt, dann aber auch richtig!
  7. Ich möchte dann gesagt bekommen, warum ich ausgegrenzt werde. Bei mir gibt's genug unterschiedliche Minderheitsfaktoren!
  8. I'm pretty new to all of it as well. But I was looking into Lins work and then you just kinda stumble from one thing to the other, find other musical composers and then there is this whole world opening up in front of you. I'll look into it when I find the time. Thank you. I know, right? He's as old as me. That makes me feel depressed. Oh and he'll actually perform the song "how far I'll go" on stage at the Oscars. Sorry to break it to you, but if you're waiting for the movie, you'll probably have to wait for a looong time. Go, listen to the cast album. They've got the lyrics and the whole musical is without much talking. Every song pretty much blends into the next one. So if you listen to the cast album, you pretty much get all of the story. It's brilliant. And the pronounciation is quite decent, so I bet you'll understand most of the lyrics without having to look them up or feeling the need to have it subtitled.
  9. I actually got back into musicals with Hamilton. But yeah, I really wanna check out Les Mis, Rent, Book of Mormon, In The Heights, Avenue Q, Phantom and all the other ones. Because I really start liking this kind of music again (after some time binge-listening to Starlight Express back in the days), so I really wanna delve deeper into that. I'm also a big fangirl for Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and starred in Hamilton and who does a hell lot of work for Disney. I'm actually getting a different perspective on all the movies from Disney which are heavily muscial movies like "Beauty and the Beast", "Frozen", "Tangled", "Arielle" and all the other ones. Oh, and I saw "La La Land". It's often cheesy but a pretty true look at how a relationship starts, evolves and eventually gets torn apart. And the songs are just a few, but those are strong ones. Two songs from that movie are Oscar nominees for "Best Song". And they'll compete with "How far I'll go" from the movie "Moana" (Vaiana), which was written guessed it: Lin-Manuel Miranda. If Lin wins the Oscar for "Best Song", he'll be the youngest to have earned an Emmy (Tony Awards show), a Tony (Hamilton, In The Heights), a Grammy (Hamilton Cast Album) and an Oscar. This feat is called the "EGOT". But since he has also got a Pulitzer for Hamilton and receieved a MacArthur Fellowship, he might be the first one completing a MacPEGOT. Oh, and yeah, Hamilton might be mostly hip-hop. But it's an amazing masterpiece and the rap feels totally organic and fitting. I really recommend that musical. It's brilliant and something never heard before. There's also Jazz and straight muscial numbers as well, so it's definitely a great variety in that show. If I had to recommend some songs to get the feel of the musical, you should definitely hear: Alexander Hamilton My Shot (Brilliant "I Want"-Song!) Wait For It The Battle of Yorktown Guns and Ships The Room Where It Happens You'll be back Satisfied And probably a whole lot more...but you'll hear them when you get caught by the music so much that you wanna listen to the whole cast album.
  10. I was so deep into correction-mode, I thought I should change the expletive with the English synonym.
  11. "Uhm, thanks. Better than the English lessons."
  12. "In defence: I am sixteen" Institutions like Congress, White House, University, God, and so on are always written with a capital letter up front. "Same goes for..." Because it's American football or do you love to stick to the BE expression rather than the AE expression "soccer"? Well, format-wise that makes things a lot easier. So yeah, I could do that. It's not as colorful as I imagined then, but meh...;)
  13. I'm currently listening to Hamilton the musical. It's full of jawbreakers. I already mastered some of them. But there are still a hell lot of them to go. Especially considering the speed in which they rap or sing those lines.
  14. They needed that? Wow....I'm flabbergasted....
  15. Wait, you're learning basic English grammar at vocational school?