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English for runaways - the phantom menace


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vor 21 Minuten schrieb RubberDog:

I'd say this is the main problem here, since most topics are discussed in other threads.

Which is mostly because of the reason that there is no thing that is definitely connected to another language. The fun part is that you could write about any topic here. Which is nice! But it's probably also the cause for the lack of interest here. Since it might feel easier to most people to discuss these topics in their mothertongue.

vor 21 Minuten schrieb RubberDog:

I'm pretty sure it just appeared on my Netflix home screen yesterday.
Since you're asking about it, I also guest you'd recommend watching it?

Oh yeah! I'd definitely recommend it! I liked it a LOT! :)

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I changed it about a week ago. It's actually the last avatar that I used on my old profile in here. Ranma 1/2 had a special place in my heart at the end of the 90s, simply because of the gender swap storyline. So that's what drew me into it back then. Me and my partner collected every book back then - but split them up after we broke up. So to this day I own the first half of the books plus a couple of books that I got for my birthday once. Still couldn't get myself to buying the missing ones, though. Maybe I should do that in the upcoming weeks.
It's just nice coming back to that as well as coming full circle with my old account in here. :)

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  • 2 Jahre später...
Am 13.2.2017 um 10:33 schrieb KampfKatze:

I think some passages from 'True Derective' is Quite understandable.
In english there are many other accents like in german to such as 'schwäbisch emoji23.png' which is my accents. Uhm.. i don't know what to write.

I improved my English skills with WWE, there are many actors who speak quite clear which you can follow easily.

Your opinion to my English skills?

thanks a lot for info ! 

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